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    29/11/19 |

    Robin Hood

    It is my privilege to announce that our pantomime this year will be robin hood!

    Robin Hood - Panto Poster 2019

    Our chosen charity is Kingston young carers...

    A wonderful charity that allows children to be children and take a break from their responsibilities as carers at home. It may be practical support or maybe a trip out in order to have fun with other people in the same situation.

    You may see a few new faces in the cast this year... We have been lucky enough to gain some new members who are already proving they are worthy of players (Maybe not always a good thing!).

    Robin Hood presents a few challenges for players, one of the primary ones being not one of us can shoot a bow or arrow! Is it not enough that we have to sing dance and act?

    The story is the traditional one of Robin Hood with the evil King John and Sheriff of Nottingham plotting the downfall of the gallant brave Robin Hood, who steals from the rich to give to the poor! He’s ably assisted by his merry men including the vociferous Friars Nip and Tuck! Always in the background is the beautiful Maid Marion whose heart Robin hopes to win!

    Gasp as Robin outwits the conniving Sheriff in order to win the day!

    Cheer as justice prevails......

    As Producer of this pantomime I cannot praise the players highly enough. They are an amazing group of people to work with and I am lucky enough to be able to call them my friends.

    So as you buy your ticket for this pantomime, do so in the knowledge that a lot of time, effort, love and compassion has been part of every single rehearsal. As ever, we are eternally grateful that we have such a great community that is happy enough to get involved with local projects like ours. So now sit back and enjoy Robin Hood...

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